Getting ready

Welcome to my travel blog! I plan to post about my experiences in Rwanda while I’m there, and also once I return. This will be my travel journal, and as a thank you for your donation, I am sharing it with you. I imagine it will be full of awe, despair, and hopefully some success stories as well.

Please invite your friends and family to donate here, and I’ll share the site with them. But no sharing with non-donors, ok?

What’s happening now?

  • I bought my plane tickets–I travel from Newark to Brussels to Entebbe, Uganda to Kigali, Rwanda. Between flight times and layovers, the trip will take close to 30 hours. The time difference is 7 hours.
  • I go to the travel clinic this week, and I expect to get immunizations to prevent typhoid fever, yellow fever, and will get pills to prevent malaria. Not sure how I’ll react to all that…fingers crossed my immune system does not revolt!
  • I have applied for the Global Entry Program with Homeland Security, which will mean I don’t have to stand in long lines to get my passport stamped in some countries (not Africa, sadly). This will also allow me to use the TSA precheck line in the USA. I currently have to get patted down and swabbed for explosives every time I fly (due to medical devices I wear), so I’m hoping this will eliminate that requirement too!
  • I have started receiving medical supplies from IOWD. We take all the supplies we use, including gloves, catheters, surgical instruments, medications, anesthesia. We each carry about 50 lbs of supplies (we are allowed two 50 lb bags). See more about the IOWD here.

So thank you again for helping make this trip. I will share more soon!