August 2018: Updates!

I am happy to announce that the Rwandan Ministry of Health, with the aid and encouragement of IOWD, is in the process of building a 3rd operating room at Kibagabaga Hospital in Kigali. This is the primary hospital where the team operates while in Rwanda. Having a third operating room will allow surgeons to perform more surgeries with more specialists than are currently possible with only two operating rooms.

For our mission in February, this means that a gynecologist could operate on the same days as the urogynecology team. This is a big deal; currently, the gynecologist only has one or two days to operate, when the urogyn team takes a day off.

This operating room will need to be outfitted with many thousands of dollars in medical supplies: an anesthesia machine, an operating table, lights, sinks, and lots more. IOWD needs your help to fill a shipping container with these supplies and ship it across the ocean, then across Africa. To read more about how to donate to IOWD, click here.

And as long as you are clicking around, take a look at my new blog, which I’ve updated with a new design and more photos and videos.

One thought on “August 2018: Updates!

  1. Amazing. Thanks for the great job your teams are doing. As Pastor Kelly has said, the impossible may be possible. Let’s make it happen.


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