Day 2 2020

Today was a busy day, starting with more patient exams and ending with a bus packed full of our American team and the Rwandan medical students. I was certain the bus would either get stuck driving up the very steep hills or tip over because it was completely overfilled. Fortunately, neither happened and we arrived home safely.

I met my friend Janviere today, and it was great to see her. I am planning to spend some more time with her and her family over the weekend.

As I was relaxing at lunch time today, one my colleagues pointed out an avocado tree near the hospital. I walked over to it, wanting to get a closer look, then began walking back towards the area where I work. One of the Rwandan staff pointed at me and called me over. I was certain I had done something wrong (walked on the grass?). She asked if I like avocados. Of course I do! She began walking back with me towards the tree, and called to a young man with a long stick in his hand. He scampered up the tree and began knocking down avocados, and tonight I brought home 7 giant avocados! Now they just need to ripen and I will share them with the group. Such a simple act of kindness.

Tomorrow the team will operate on a 14 year old girl named Jimy, who has a life-threatening condition. She was born with only one kidney, and that kidney is not able to drain urine in a normal way. This means that she could develop kidney failure if her problems are not corrected. Say a little prayer for Jimy, both that she makes it through surgery and that her life can improve afterwards. I can only imagine that her family is scared for her future and is also praying for the best.