Day 4 2020

Good news! Jimy did well with her surgery and is back to acting like a typical 14 year old. She had surgery yesterday morning and had not been out of bed at all when I went to see her this afternoon. She said she was too tired to get up and that she wanted to get up later. This sounded very familiar as the parent of a teen.

With the moral support of the staff and another patient, she finally did get up and even managed to smile.

Her clothes were given by our director, and are probably meant for a 9 year old. But Jimy is so tiny that they fit her perfectly. I showed her this picture and she giggled.

We saw a woman today who had a childbirth injury 20 years ago. She has been living with it and had several other kids since. Another woman lost her baby and her uterus (likely due to hemorrhage) at age 20, and now has terrible urine leakage. She is single and will never have a child of her own. We will operate on these women next week, and I hope we can change their future.

My last patient today was a spry 67 year old who I was able to treat without surgery. She thanked me and retold the story of our visit to anyone who would listen. I don’t speak her language but the joy on her face spoke volumes. I wish now that I had taken her picture, but I will keep her memory for those long days at work back home.