Dusting off the blog and shopping (totes)

Long time, no see stranger! I’m thrilled to announce that I am heading back to Rwanda in January 2023 with International Organization for Women and Development. It’s been a long three years since I have been there and I am excited to start the process of preparing.

When I was last in Rwanda in early 2020, just a few weeks before COVID-19 took over the world, I purchased several yards of fabric from a local market. I didn’t have a plan for the fabric at that time, but I knew I would find a purpose (said every crafter ever). Over the last six months as I became an empty nester, I used the fabric to create some simple shoulder totes. I am selling them here to raise money for my trip, and am offering them to you first.

Each bag is a little different, and all but two are made with Rwandan printed fabric. Each bag is lined with a contrasting fabric. I am pricing them at $15 each, but I will gratefully accept a larger donation if that fits your budget. To order, you can leave a comment here or email me at photosinpink at gmail dot com.

I have a small quantity of additional fabric remaining, so if the bag you like disappears, I can potentially make more. I will mail them in time for the holidays 🙂

14 thoughts on “Dusting off the blog and shopping (totes)

  1. I want bags F and K. All of them are lovely. I will send you a check. You can deliver them when you visit Franklin if you want. Would like to see you and show your our place. We admire your work in Rwanda.


  2. Yay! You must be thrilled to be going back! So happy for you. The bags are beautiful. please remind me how much money you are trying to raise for your trip again?


  3. Leah, these bags are absolutely beautiful and what a great way to raise funds for a selfless journey to help those in need! Thank you & safe travels!


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