A day in the life

Time always goes too fast here in Rwanda. We run around all day, go out at night, then rinse and repeat. Here’s a small snapshot of my day. It’s now Saturday and I leave on Monday night. But tomorrow!! I am going on a quick safari tomorrow, to see Akagera National Park. I will take … More A day in the life

God’s plan

When I tell people at home that I am coming to Africa, there are several reactions: worry that I will never come home, amazement that I would go so far, excitement for the adventure that awaits, and joy that I am able to do this. Honestly, I feel all the same emotions as the trip … More God’s plan


We have arrived! Having now made this trip 3 times prior, I now know what to expect: the plane ride is long (I hope no one sits next to me so I can stretch out–this is rare), Rwandan customs and immigration is a mess but I get through it eventually, and the night we arrive … More Arrival

Heading back in 2019

I am happy to announce that I am heading back to Rwanda on January 25, 2019. I have purchased my plane ticket and am beginning to gather my thoughts. This is my fourth year going, and sitting down to write this has helped me to remember the many reasons I keep going back. I realize … More Heading back in 2019

Video from IOWD

While I was in Rwanda in February 2018, there was a team there filming video and taking photos of our work. This is a short segment of what I hope will be a longer video. It features the founder of IOWD, Barbara Margolies, as well as several of the physicians I work with, including Star … More Video from IOWD

August 2018: Updates!

I am happy to announce that the Rwandan Ministry of Health, with the aid and encouragement of IOWD, is in the process of building a 3rd operating room at Kibagabaga Hospital in Kigali. This is the primary hospital where the team operates while in Rwanda. Having a third operating room will allow surgeons to perform … More August 2018: Updates!