Home again

I made it home safely and am finally back to waking and sleeping in the Eastern time zone. I always forget how hard it is to accommodate to the time change when flying east to west–I am ready for bed by 3PM! I have sorted through and edited most of my photos, and wanted to … More Home again

Day 9: Headed home

The last day always has a way of both seeming far away and coming way too soon. I feel like I have been here for much longer than 9 days, but I am ready to be home. I never sleep very well here (despite being exhausted) and working in the heat is hard on my … More Day 9: Headed home

Day 5

Today I continued to work on all the little jobs that pop up as the mission goes on. One of the women (Donatha) had a very long surgery yesterday–8 hours. She had a complicated problem that required an abdominal surgery. She had a 103 degree fever this morning, which made us worried that she might … More Day 5

Day 4

I am writing this on Thursday as I was too tired to write last night. My duties always slow down at this point as we have nearly finished seeing patients in the clinic. The team is now focused on operating and monitoring the patients who have had surgery. My tasks now include filing, ensuring medications … More Day 4

Day 3

It’s almost 9pm here and it’s pouring down rain. I just got back to the hotel after walking to dinner and back. I hope to get to sleep a bit earlier tonight after a long and hot day seeing patients. It has been nice to be away from the cold, but hot is still hot. … More Day 3

Day 2

It’s so very late and I must get to bed, but I wanted to write a little. Today was a good day. We were able to see many more patients and the team began operating today. We will have 5 women to visit in the post-op area tomorrow. We will give them ibuprofen (Advil) and … More Day 2

Day 1: We begin

In case you are new to my blog, this is my third year working with IOWD on a medical mission to Rwanda to treat women with a childbirth related injury called fistula. I won’t recap all the same details as in prior years, so if you feel lost, go back to day 1 in 2016 … More Day 1: We begin

Eight days to go

Hard to believe that in 8 days, I will be sitting on board a plane headed to Amsterdam, then Kigali. My daughter asked me how far away Rwanda is, and we had to look it up to find the answer (6,785 miles). The trip there is long–two 8 hour flights, but I have accumulated travel … More Eight days to go